eCommerce web design in currently in progress

Here at Leeming Web Design in Southport, I’m involved in creating and maintaining all kinds of websites — from simple brochure-style websites to full-blown eCommerce sites that accept debit and credit cards as well as the usual PayPal and bank transfers.

I’m currently working on web design projects for local businesses – one of which is a large and well-known landscaping materials wholesaler called Massams Supplies (see screenshot below). They have a continually fluctuating level of stock and so although I’m making their site into an eCommerce site, it will be in ‘catalogue mode’. This just means that enquiries will be sent through for quotation before the full purchase is made, to avoid any embarrassing ‘out of stock’ problems.

I’m also working on an interesting site for a company called Mindme (below), based in Leighton Buzzard, that make locator devices for people with dementia and learning difficulties. Theirs is also eCommerce but their products have both a purchase price and a ongoing subscription which has been a challenge to set up — but that’s how I like it. Wouldn’t life be boring without a challenge?

I’ve also just started work on another eCommerce website for a company that sells trophies but that’s nowhere near ready for a screenshot on this page.

Do you need an eCommerce website for your business?

If you have either an eCommerce website project that you’re looking to start or even an old one that needs a good redesign, please get in touch with Leeming Web Design in Southport today!


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