How hard is it to manage your own website?

Well, the answer to that is — it depends on your technical ability! — but I usually tell my clients that if they can log into Facebook and upload a photo of their dinner, along with a few words about why it’s so tasty, they can probably manage a WordPress-based website.

So what’s the easiest way to Learn?

I’ll teach you — and in many cases it’ll only take about five minutes!

Just ask some of my clients like Pam from ProjectMe Fitness who writes recipes and blog articles to share on her social media pages, Josh from Green Care who manages his eCommerce store — adding products with details about stock, price and size variations, or any of the staff from iFi audio who regularly log in to edit products and add reviews to this huge, sprawling international website.

Is it really that easy?

Sure is. I teach people to manage their websites all the time. The software I use, WordPress, is modular — I can add lots of different elements to make your site function in different ways and once I’ve done that and made it look just the way you want it, I can show you or a member of your your staff how to make tweaks and adjustments or add information whenever you want to.

But my site won’t need to change very often…

Well, if that’s the case I can still show you how to do it, or you can just send your occasional changes here to Leeming Design and I’ll update your website for you.

If you’re interested in a website you can manage yourself, get in touch now on 01704 466 448.

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